Impossible List

This is my impossible list.

It’s a fluid, growing and constantly updating list of things I have achieved and want to achieve in my life. It is not a bucket list where I write down a few abstract things I want to achieve at some point before I die.  It is specific and evolving and designed to continually challenge and expand on my horizons. The first impossible list was invented by Joel Runyon. I heard about it from Thomas Frank from and was inspired to make my own. My impossible list is currently in it’s infancy stage and will mature and change as time goes on. It inspires me to challenge myself and I would encourage you to make one too if you haven’t already. Who knows what you could achieve!

 5 recently completed goals :

  • Learn to Skateboard (August 2016)
  • Get 200 subscribers to YouTube channel Flints21 (August 23rd 2016)
  • Live vegetarian for 7 days (August 23 2016)
  • Get a social media job (November 2016)
  • Start a professional blog (October 2016)

Sport & Fitness Goals
  • Run a 1K
  • Earn a Martial Art Novice Certificate
  • Do 7 minute workout 30 days in a row
  • Learn to Skateboard (August 2016)

Health Goals
  • Live caffeine Free for 7 days
  • Live vegetarian for 7 days (August 23 2016)
    – Live vegetarian for 30 days
  • Live vegan for 7 days
  • Live sugar free for 7 days

Professional Goals
  • Get a job    (September 2014)
  • Get a social media job (November 2016)
  • Start a business
  • Start a professional blog (October 2016)
  • Be paid to do a speaking engagement
  • Give a TEDx Talk
  • Build a personal website ( This one – July 2016)
  • Build a website for myself using my own code
  • Build a website for a client
  • Build a website for a client using my own code
  • Become a professional certified cleaner
  • Learn HTML to a set standard
  • Learn CSS to a set standard

YouTube goals

  • Get 200 subscribers to my channel Flints21
    – Get 500 Subscribers to my channel Flints21
  • Collaborate with another YouTuber
  • Make a friend through YouTube

Nautical goals

  • Learn how to navigate a one crew sail-boat
  • Sail across the British channel (to Guernsey)
  • Sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone

Exploration Goals

  • See a whale up close in the wild
  • Touch a whale with my hand.
  • Walk on Mars
  • Visit Vancouver, Canada

Project Goals

  • Build a house
  • Build a small solar power generator
  • Build my own sanitation and waste disposal system
  • Build a high tech, hydroponics farm
  • Learn how to fix an iPhone

Band Goals

  • Release an album of music recorded by Audrey, Start The Revolution©
  • Play a set with ASTR at Rock Am Ring
  • Play a set with ASTR at Glastonbury festival
  • Tour the United States with ASTR
  • Tour Africa with ASTR
  • Tour Asia with ASTR
  • Tour Europe with ASTR
  • Tour Oceania with ASTR
  • Tour South America with ASTR

Giving Goals

  • Set up a Christian community for people of all ages and stages of life
  • Give my parents £100,000
  • Give away 10% of my annual income

Financial Goals

  • Save £1,000 by December 31st 2017
  • Buy a house

Language Goals

  • Learn Thai
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Learn Russian
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Learn Ancient Hebrew
  • Learn Ancient Greek
  • Learn Ancient Aramaic
  • Translate the Bible for myself

Writing Goals

  • Create a fictional universe
  • Write an autobiography
  • Write a short story
  • Write a Fiction Novella (at least 17,500 words)
  • Write a non-fiction book

Music Goals

  • Pass a Level 1 Drum Exam
  • Pass a level 6 Guitar Exam
  • Pass a Level 1 Saxophone Exam
  • Pass a Level 1 Bass Guitar Exam
  • Become a certified guitar teacher

Reading goals

  • Read 10 pages a day for 30 days
  • Read 26 books In one year ( 1 every 14 days)